I started Thor Wiebe Home Inspections as a filler to supplement my construction business in 2001. It has grown to a full time business with construction as filler if and when there is a slow time. The home inspections have expanded to indoor environmental inspections with Radon, Mold, Asbestos, and now IASQ certified Bio Spore testing if desired by potential home buyers.


The reason for the expansion is the demand by home owners for safer and healthier home environments. We are spending more time at home with family and friends and the hazards of environmental hazards have increased due to making homes tighter and more energy efficient and thus caused us to be more exposed to un detected bio and chemical and air quality hazards.


My goal as a Professional inspector is to give you “PIECE OF MIND” and help you “MAKE YOUR HOME HEALTHIER” by finding and exposing documented possible health issues and offer suggestions for possible corrections to make your home environment healthier.



Personal info


  • Resident of Marshall Minnesota since 1969
  • Graduate of South West State University Marshall
  • Married with Five children and 13 Grand children and counting.
  • Member of Wesley United Methodist church of Marshall Minnesota
  • State of Minnesota Radon License # RMITS 00001


903 Boxelder Ave
Marshall, MN 56258
507-537-1956 Home 507-530-2004 Cell

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